Atonement / from the series Pride

Samherji the fishing company, (see also Pride), has been generous when it comes to matters that earn them trust and good will. They sponsored that ski lift, (at least partially) I heard, situated on the mountain above Akureyri, earning lots of the credit. The lift was supposed to be up and running in 2018 but is still not functioning. It’s almost sarcastic that it’s not working, like a curse. What was meant to be the pride ski lift at the skiing resort on the mountain above Akureyri, is an on-going problem. Who knows perhaps it’ll be up and running when the work will be shown. The painting is big 120 cm x 200 cm. It looks apocalyptic, almost Chernobyl like. One of the strangest paintings I’ve done. After having painted a ski lift it surely feels like there isn’t a subject matter that can surprise you anymore. 

Oil on canvas


  • National Gallery, Reykjavik, Iceland, 2022