Blond Artists

Photographs on mdf, matt laminated, (11) x 55 x 55 cm, 2009

Series of photographs of artists with blond wigs. Where the artist is measured up against the the stereotype of the blonde. This series is in logic continuation of other works of mine.

After having launched the series Blonde Miss World 1951–, where the sterotype of the most beautiful woman of the world is viewed from the standpoint of the blonde, it seemed logic to continue that research, but this time not look that far away.

I have been taking part in a discussion group of a few artists focusing on collective Identity. I got the idea to use that group to do a sociological research, to make all the participants blond haired, though even just for a split second on a photo. The participants, the artists blond or not, are made to wear a blond wig that not only makes them blond but in a a way unites their self image. The photographs are taken by myself and are willingly meant to be snapshots where the participant is still taking in the information about the project and a certain uncertainty is evident.

This project proved its worth right from the beginning when a rather critical discussion started about its meaning and its excistence and a few participants had some serious questions about taking part, that is having themselves photographed with a blond wig, (as a blond artist).

What interests me about the idea is the fact that it brings up so many concerns at the same time. It opens up a sociological and a gender political dialogue as well as giving reference to the human need/readiness to transfigure one self.

Soon I found out that it would probably make sense to make the series even bigger and growing, with the same title, Blond artists.

Just as before in many of my works its the number and the repetition which is most important. The number in fact increases the drift, while the repetition decreases it again.


  • Tallinn Art Hall