Oil on canvas, 50 x 40 cm (x 64)

Series of paintings of PM’s that got elected into the Icelandic Parliament in 2013. To see images and a full pdf of the book click the grey image with the title HOPE, or go to the e-publication link to the right.

These works, these 64 portraits. They are projection, and they are protection.

Please please please. Try it out, again and again. Be a human being, a real human being and stay – get closer, stay closer. Let these portraits look back at you and let them have an effect on you.

And yes, while doing it, and while failing and then getting up again, if you need a word, a concept, a helping hand to navigate and negotiate with these dangerous paths and tumultuous seas, we have it. For you, and for us. To care and to caress.

It is called hope.


Mika Hannula


  • Hafnarborg Museum
  • Arnesinga Museum, Hveragerdi
  • Owner: The National Gallery of Iceland