Oil on found porcelain figurines / photographs, (photographs in collaboration with the photographer Vigfús Birgisson), 2008

The title suits the works says Birgir. They are humble.

They are based on a few porcelain figurines that I have found and painted.

I´ve been collaborating with the photographer Vigfús Birgisson and together we have managed to create a world or an atmosphere around those figurines that is not photograph-like nor object-like.

There is something that happens in this process. The porcelain goes from being cold and shiny to being mat and airy when painted with oil colors. When photographed something completely new appears. The outcome is like gentleness and softness joined together.

They are new works, but I have been collecting the porcelain for the last few years and the collecting goes on.


  • Gallery Turpentine, Reykjavik
  • North Dakota Museum of Art