Series of watercolours on paper, where the full text from, The Pretty Women of Paris, a guide book, is watercolored. The book is said to have been printed unofficially in the year of 1883 for Brithish trawellers on their way to Paris. It contains addresses and description of Parisian prostitutes from that time. 252 texts in the whole. A couple of years later I wandered the streets of Paris on foot, for two months, visiting all the addresses and paid my tribute to the women in question.

I first knew about the book: The pretty women of Paris, from reading the book: On blondes, by Joanne Pitman. Ordered a republication, a few years ago, (impossible to get hands on the original any more). Always had the idea to use the content in one way or the other for an art work. Early 2008 I decided to start working on the series. What interested me instantly was the idea to bring the text into a new context and mirror it towards todays society and the present dialogue about prostitution and relative matters. Publication of books like these were not common though it excisted. In a republication from 1884, (which is there stated as the first edition), the edition is limited to 169 copies for a certain circulation that has to be worth of interest.


(for private circulation only)

4 on Superfine syphilitic-green paper, for the use of the Prefect of Police;

60 on parchement for private distribution among the French and English Clergy;

4 on handmade Roger Mill for the Society of women and children;

4 on rough vellum, St George and the Dragon watermark, for Girton College;

100 on 500-curl-papers-for sixpence quality, for the private enjoyment of the common crowd of ordinary English rakes, numbered 1 to 100.