Blonde Moment

Watercolour on paper, 76 x 56 each, 2012

I happened to find an article in the Sunday Times from 2007 and instantly felt that I somehow had to put it to use. It suited well my ideology of the blonde, the subject I’ve sort of dedicated my life to. What interested me not the least were all the readers’ comments. Setting the tone for a dialogue A dialogue about prejudice and stereotypes. In the end I decided to watercolour the full text, both the article and the collected comments, quite a task but there you go. One of the ideas would have been to start collecting or even start shooting photos of blonde women and show the photos, not the least to prove the theory was right, that particular idea sort of led to another series of mine called Blonde Musicians, more about that elsewhere.

When men meet fair-haired women they really do have a “blonde moment”. Scientists have found that their mental performance drops, apparently because they believe they are dealing with someone less intelligent.

(see the full article by clicking the pdf below)


  • Kopavogur Art Museum
  • Bjorkholmen Gallery, Stockholm